How Businesses And Policies Are Enacting Sustainable Positive Change

November 9, 2020

Today, I am happy to celebrate new beginnings with you and all Americans as we realize the promise of our democracy through our elections. The world is looking at our country with anticipation of our leadership on many fronts, including the environment.

I also am pleased to share with you a new Forbes article I have written, How Businesses And Policies Are Enacting Sustainable Positive Change, appearing November 9. It is a hopeful piece, as I have seen many positive signs for how our country is moving forward, all while in the midst of a pandemic.

I hope you find it reflects a shared thinking, as we at energyOrbit work with you and your organization on new initiatives related to energy efficiency, climate change, renewables, and the retreat of GHGs.

We are grateful to you as our partner for your commitment to and responsibility for our planet.